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Wonder tomato has dehydrated, not decayed

Posted by luxcuritiba em janeiro 19, 2011

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LA Balkrishna says the success of his experiment proves the tremendous scientific value of the principles used in the construction of the great pyramid of Giza

It is not a tomato that looks in any condition to be used for your soup.

However, LA Balkrishna, an engineer and past-life regression therapist, says he has managed to find a spot for it in the Limca Book of Records this year by ensuring it remained free of decay for 20 years.

Balkrishna credits his miracle to the principles used to build the great pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

“The tomato hasn’t decayed for 20 years,” explained LA Balakrishna. “It’s being preserved in a cardboard pyramid that has been built on the basis of principles used in the construction of the great pyramid of Giza.

When we kept it in the pyramid in 1989, it remained fresh for 64 days.

Now, while it has dehydrated considerably, we expect it to remain free of decay for several more years,” said Balkrishna, who hopes the tomato will make it to Guinness Book of World Records.

“We hope the tomato will soon make it to the Guinness book this year,” said Tejus LB, an Mtech student and Balkrishna’s son. “The great pyramid is of tremendous scientific value.

This is what this tomato proves.” The Limca book of records could not be contacted despite repeated attempts.

115 Gram
Weight of tomato used by Balkrishna for the experiment in 1989

2 Gram
Weight of the tomato now after 20 years and after considerable dehydration

The experiment

In 1989, Balkrishna chose three tomatoes of the same size, colour, weight (115 gram). One of the three was put in a steel plate, the second in a pyramid that was not built with the proportions of the pyramid of Giza in mind, and a third one made of cardboard measuring 12-inces that used the same proportions as the pyramid of Giza.

While the one kept in the pyramid built with the Giza in mind hasn’t decayed till date, the one kept on the steel plate decayed in seven days and the second decayed after 31 days.

“This proved the principle of concentrating cosmic energy through a pyramid, in proportion with that of the great pyramid of Giza can be of tremendous utility,” claims Balakrishna.


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